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HELSINKI | 23-24.3.2024

Eric Mayes

Martial Blade Concepts Certified Instructor

Eric Mayes is one of the premier sources of instruction in MBC, CBC, and their related systems. He is also a 5th degree black belt in Combat Hapkido. A lifelong martial artist, Eric has more than 40 years of experience in Kenjutsu, Tantojutsu, Aikijutsu, Jujutsu, Muho Kenpo, Silat, Escrima, Kali, Russian Systema, and Shootfighting.

Eric has previously served as the Defensive Tactics instructor for the Grand County, CO. SWAT Team and is an Instructor with the International Police Defensive Tactics Institute.

Eric is an outstanding professional teacher and one of the few full-time sources of MBC.



The exercises in this seminar shed light on MBC's approach to self-defense through the use of knives and defense against them.

In addition, Saturday afternoon offers a workshop and intensive course on ProTek Key, a bladeless self-protection tool that is legally portable in Finland.

The MBC approach to violence is controlled and pedagogical, and all of the exercises are scalable to different needs and skill levels. Both first-time acquaintances with self-defence and those who have been involved in knife arts and self-protection for a longer time are welcome to the seminar.

The Dojo has training knives and safety goggles to borrow, but if you have your own equipment, don't hesitate to bring them!



MBC is a functional martial system with an emphasis on close combat, versatile defense against edged weapons, knife versus knife situations as well as unarmed combat.
The exercises are based on real-life encounters and combine the best aspects of Filipino, Chinese and Japanese martial arts, as well as modern close combat and self-defense systems.
The purpose of the exercises is to develop coordination, motor skills and muscle memory, and to make efficient body usage second nature.
 The basis of training is subdueing the attacker and resolving conflict situations as quickly as possible, so that they do not escalate - and on the other hand, managing already escalated situations and protecting oneself.

protek key

The Protek Key is the best most common denominator self-defense tool you will carry. ProTek is a bladeless self-protection device that is conveniently carried in your keychain.

The ProTek key is designed to be easy to use and effective in situations where it is important to quickly release the attackers grip. The key can be used to press trigger points on the hands, neck or other parts of the body, thereby loosening the attacker's grip.


In Saturday's workshop, you will learn how to use this self-protection tool effectively in situations that require it the most.



saturday 23.3.24

sunday 24.3.24

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