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Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art developed in the 20th century, where you practice kata's, ie technical forms, to face the power and the kinetic energy of the opponent and direct them to your own use. The goal is to reset the attack and show the opponent the uselessness of violence.  In Japanese, Aikido means the path of harmonious power.

Training takes place, as in most budo sports, in pairs, with one of the participants training in the role of a uke or attacker and the other as a nage or defender. Roles are changed regularly to evolve both sides of the techniques and movement. AikiCircle specializes in the so-called French style of aikido (check out eg Christian Tissier and Bruno Gonzalez) and the training includes a variety of strength, balance and body control exercises as well as fast-paced throws!

There is no competition in Aikido, so each practitioner sets their own goals. Aikido isn't functional self-defense (if that is your style, check out MBC !), but the goal is to conquer yourself and to develope both the mind and body's strength and flexibility. Every workout is an opportunity to transcend yourself!

At AikiCircle, aikido training is available for both adults and juniors.

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