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Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art developed in the 20th century, where your objective is to meet the opponent's power and movement energy through techniques and direct them to your own use. The goal is to cancel the attack and show your opponent the futility of violence. The japanese name Aikido translates to "the way of harmonious spirit".




In Aikido, as in many other traditional martial arts, the katas or techniques are practised in pairs. The roles of attacker and defender are taken on in turns to ensure that both sides of the technique are understood and mastered. As the defender one gets to hone ones blocking, deflecting and redirecting skills as well as body mechanics and throws. The role of the attacker invites you to practise striking, body control, timing and protecting yourself when being thrown or taken down. Practising aikido is social and co-operative - the idea is to learn from each other.

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Aikido is not a competitive art, which means that every aikidoka sets their own goals. Progress is measured by a traditional budo grading system. Aikido is also not a self defense system (if you're looking for something more like that, try MBC!), but an excercise in mastering control, movement, strength and flexibility in mind as well as body. Every class is an opportunity to outdo yourself.


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